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Material Performance

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Due to their excellent resistance to a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in combination with high mechanical strength and flexibility, thermoplastic geomembranes such as PVC, FPO have been used successfully over decades for all kinds of primary and secondary containment applications.

Type of products

Smooth or textured, reinforced, unreinforced or geotextile backed polymeric geosynthetic barriers Concrete corrosion protection sheets; embedded into concrete

Important performances of ESWA products

Long life expectancy:

Based on long time experiences and well defined specialised raw materials the products are designed and controlled for a long proven life expectancy.

Easy handling:

Due to the thermoplastic properties the products are easy to handle for manufacturers. Highly controlled welding equipment assures installation without problems on site.

Withstand natural attacks within life cycle:

Based on the performance of the thermoplastic products no hazardous substances are needed to withstand biological and chemical attacks from environment. Full resistance to roots is ensured.

Water resistance:

Based on the mechanical performance including elongation, flexibility at low temperature and crack bridging ability, the resistance against pressured water or other building movements is excellent.

Made-to-measure products:

Special design, composition, inner layers, reinforcement and backings of ESWA products as well as the installation compliant with the application allows the product to fulfill nearly all specific requirements for civil engineering applications.