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Protection of Construction

We know clean water as "the life spending" element on earth. But water does not only have positive appearance, it also can show up with a destructive side. Many concrete constructions reach into the groundwater table and are exposed to the negative influence of water. Water infiltrates through concrete cracks, damages the structure and enters into the building.

Due to existing transport means our life became faster and faster. European countries focus more to develop the railway net with high speed trains. The centre of Europe is mountainous and turns out to be an important barrier to the railway. So tunnels are needed and this kind of construction business has high season since many years. Some of the tunnels are exposed to high strain as 2 MPa of pressure and temperatures of 45° C as the new St. Gotthard tunnel. Tunnel constructions belong to the most expensive construction and therefore it is important to use the best technologies for a long functioning. An important part of this technology is the waterproofing of the tunnels to avoid any penetration of water into the construction to avoid any damages of the concrete.

Since more than 40 years now PVC geosynthetic barriers are used successfully as waterproofing material for tunnels. PVC geosynthetic barriers have the ability to adapt to the uneven underground, perform through its excellent deformation and are easy to weld, a factor which is very important as the work takes place under difficult conditions.

But not only in tunnelling PVC geosynthetic barrier turn out to be an ideal waterproofing material. Due to their progressive ecological profile thermoplastic membranes based on flexible polyolefines FPO become more and more popular. Important buildings like hotels, banks and parking decks are reaching deeply into the ground and are exposed to important water pressure. Sophistic waterproofing systems as double laid vacuum systems were developed to meet all existing conditions. The thermoplastic geosynthetic barrier - with all well fitted accessories - are the right answer to the such problems.


Damm von Muratte

Gotthard-Tunnel Alptransit

Waterproofing of mining tunnel with homogeneous sheet waterproofing membrane on base of PVC-p, incl. compartment with waterstops on base of PVC-p.

Golden-Mile Shopping complex
Dubai, U.A.E.

Waterproofing of basements with homogeneous sheet waterproofing membrane on base of PVC-p, incl. compartment with waterstops on base of PVC-p.