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The European Solution - ROOFCOLLECT®

ROOFCOLLECT® is the European solution for the collecting and recycling of end-of-life thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes under the umbrella of ESWA, the European Single ply Waterproofing Association. Thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes are perfectly suited for recycling after years of service.

November 2020 
Dach- und Dichtungsbahnen aus PVC – langlebig und sicher
September 2020 
Surface leaching from Synthetic Membranes
May 2020 
The ESWA Spring General Assembly was held for the first time ever as a digital meeting
May 2019 
ESWA Executive Board and President reconfirmed in elections
During last week’s General Assembly in Brussels, the ESWA members unanimously re-elected ESWA President, Mr. Koichi Oba, vice president Mr. Bruno Broccanello, and treasurer Mr. Erik Oyno, for a second term of 2 years and applauded the ExCom for the work achieved in recent years.

ESWA members also warmly welcomed Mr. Jan Bauder, CEO of German Paul Bauder GmbH & Co KG group as new member. Mr. Bauder committed to play an active role in the various technical committees.

Mrs. Karin Arz, ESWA managing director since several years will officially step down on June 30th and will hand over that position to Mr. Bernard Merkx, a plastics industry veteran, who was elected with unanimous votes by the members present.

March 2019 
Shared Exhibition Stand "Campaign PVC Recycling" on Demolition Conference Increasing interest in recycling solutions
September 2018 
VinylPlus® commits to recycle 900.000 tonnes of PVC a year by 2025
June 2018 
Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe 2018 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED
March 2018 
24th Demolition Conference was a great success
March 2018 
ROOF+TIMBER International 2018 - The hub of the building trade
January 2018 
In 2018: plastics roofing sheets on the road to success