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Environmental Policy

Thermoplastic Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes to Preserve valuable Resources and Take Care of Health and Safety

ESWA Member Companies have committed themselves to environmental policies linked to the whole life cycle of their products. This starts with production procedures and takes in all future processes through to ultimate replacement.

Members are already engaged in plastics recycling procedures in order to minimise waste levels. Their recycling program is well established and "waterproof". It is not just put down on paper, but works in practice.

New raw material is generated from the old roofing membranes without damaging nature or the environment. A complete processing cycle, starting and ending with first class products, to protect buildings in a secure and long-term way.

Also due to the variety of application options, (for example in the field of green roofs for rainwater retention, artificial lakes, water-retention basins and canals) Member's products allow interesting and important environmental concepts and solutions.