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Refurbishment of Polymeric Membrane Roofs

Polymeric membranes in building applications may be expected to give more than forty years of useful life. Furthermore there are proven and successful recycling schemes in operation across Europe for the material. They are turning PVC or other synthetics into new products once the membranes are really “end-of-life”. ROOFCOLLECT® is the collecting and recycling system of the producers of thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes, organized within ESWA, the European Single Ply Waterproofing Association. The system has become the European recycling solution for polymeric membranes.

ROOFCOLLECT guarantees that ESWA customers, who buy new roofing membranes, can return the used material after years of service on a roof under cost- effective conditions. This means that logistics are taken care of, the material is picked up from the construction site and transported to the recycling unit.

Mechanically fastened roofs are usually the most cost efficient solution for polymeric sheet membrane roof refurbishment. These also have the fastest refurbishment installation. Recycling of the material makes sense if the old materials are separated, in a clean state and available in higher quantities (in m²). In combination with refurbishment of existing polymeric membrane roofs the market gains a new recycled material and ESWA members can thus contribute to a sustainable solution for construction products.

On ESWA website references are shown where removal was successfully accomplished and roofs refurbished with new polymeric membranes of ESWA member companies.

You will find more information about ESWA’s collecting and recycling system on our multilingual website