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Gabriel Montpied Stadium

Renovation of the stand of the Gabriel Montpied Stadium, Clermont- Ferrand (France)

The Gabriel Montpied soccer stadium built in 1995 was so seriously damaged in a horrendous storm in December 1999 that the stand roof had to be completely replaced. The Clermont-Ferrand municipal authorities were prominent in the search for a lasting and sound solution.

In close cooperation with those concerned, the conditions for the fastening of the steel girders and roof membrane were defined in relation to the anticipated high mechanical loads. The tests carried out by the CSTB in the wind tunnel showed that local suction forces of over 400 kg/qm were to be expected. As a result of in-depth studies based on these high suction forces, a mechanically fastened system with thermoplastic membranes was chosen.

The winter weather and the roof's height and complex form demanded special safety precautions during the installation of this roof measuring 5,000 qm.

Highly satisfied with the soundness and quality of the finished work, the city authorities can now offer their Clermont supporters a stadium commensurate with the reputation of their team that will hopefully inspire them to new levels of performance.