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Luxembourg International Airport

Airports are very special buildings for roofers. Since roofs are always clearly visible from the air, function and aesthetics are more important here than anywhere else. As is special resistance towards chemicals due to the specific impact of, for example, kerosene.

When the roof of a terminal building and the LUXAIR hangar were up for renovation, it was clear that the new sealing sheat had to ensure a long-term damage-free sealing. The investor B√Ętiments Publics Luxembourg as well as the planner, the Luxembourgian engineer's office Gehl & Jacoby, and the laying company Weyrich from Vianden chose a self-adhesive, reinforced PVC membrane. Besides its durability, which can now be validated by its use at Luxembourg Airport, the decisive factor for them was the fact that cold self-adhesive laying is safer than laying with a naked flame.

A total area of 4,000 qm had to be renovated. About half of it was the flat roof of the terminal building, a 'conventional' flat roof sealant with gravel. The other half was the roof of the LUXAIR hangar which is much less conventional. Between two narrow strips of flat roof, there is a massive cantilevered barrel-vault roof, supported by barrel-vault ribs made of concrete. Naturally, the dome does not have gravel on it but has a 2.8 mm PVC strip, dyed grey for this building.

The high functional standard of the chosen PVC-Membrane is, amongst other things, due to the upper seal which limits water seepage and which the roofing professional can use quickly and economically on flat surfaces as well as on all connections and joints. Besides limiting the flow of water, its quick and clean processing is particularly important.