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Stade de France

The impressive, futuristic-looking Stade de France in the north of Paris was the venue for dramatic matches at the World Cup in June 1998. This huge arena can accommodate 80,000 spectators. So that visitors feel taken care of, 70,000 qm of floor space is provided behind and beneath the stands for three restaurants, 148 suites, 17 shops, 50 kiosks, 50 bars and 670 toilets.

The roof of this remarkable multifunctional stadium in Saint Denis near Paris consists, among other things, of about 56,000 qm thermoplastic roofing membrane made of PVC-P, roughly 200,000 fasteners and 72 specially prefabricated PVC mouldings. The building resembling a UFO is 320 m long, 280 m wide and 46 m high.