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London/United Kingdom

Dog’s Trust Rehoming Centre Harefield/West London

With the abuse of animals hitting hights this year, Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, called on the expertise of a single ply roofing specialist to provide a waterproof membrane shelter for the new rehoming centre in Harefield, West London. Offering a new experience for canine residence and visitors, the centre has already re-homed over 500 rescue dogs since it opened.

Developed on the site of a disused farm and set in 16 acres of land that includes two Grade II listed barns, the new Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre is a welcome addition to the network of 16 existing centres.

Work on the site was carried out by Forum Architects in close conjunction with English Heritage and the London Borough of Hillingdon’s Conservation Officer, to ensure that the historic site was restored in a sympathic manner with regard to the temporary relocation of the local wildlife, including bats and owls. The roof of the main site had to be reconstructed using bat-friendly tiles and the roof space made larger using a special enclosure for the bats to roost in.

Jon Harrison of contractor Bracknell Roofing said of challenges encountered on the project: ”With the 30 degree angle of the roof, it was necessary to conduct a few trials during the bonding of the membrane to guarantee the best finish was achieved, as well as to obtain approval from the architects. The versatility of the charcoal-coloured PVC membrane allowed it to be easily bonded directly on the plywood pitched deck without needing insulation. The aesthetic appeal of the standing seam profiles helped to improve the appearance of the building.”

The issue of ventilation within two of the buildings presented those involved on the project with a dilemma in terms of the design and the potential costs involved. Following discussion, the technical department of the ESWA member company designed a working detail to suit both the architect and the roofing contractor.