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Holiday Park Maasbommel

As no other EU country the Netherlands have a particular affinity for water. Instead of planning only “on the waterside”, they are planning and constructing buildings “in the water”. The houses are composed in structural wood panel and their different parts have the condition to be: light.

One of the biggest construction projects for water houses is the holiday park “Living on the water” close to the town of Nimwegen. In 2004 50 villas and mansions were built close to the river Maas. The building's pillars stand completely in water or very near to the waterside. 36 houses are built on an artificial dike. They are constructed to be protected against occasional flooding.

The houses are wooden constructions; above the concrete base there is a timber frame construction made with OSB-layers for stiffening. At the top end is a barrel vaulted ceiling. Corrosion resistance combined with lightness were the required product properties of the material. The choice was therefore made for PVC-P thermoplastic roofing membranes.