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Maui/Hawaii (USA)


On Maui 3000 meters above sea level a telescope housing covered with thermoplastic membranes must withstand extreme weather conditions. At the same time it protects the telescope controlled from London and other parts of the world.

The futuristic roof construction consists of six steel-frame parts, three on each side, which slide together hydraulically and, when open, offers a free view into outer space.

As the parts of the steel-frame construction slide together the upper surface had to be constructed without profiles. Weather protection and waterproofing is guaranteed by the use of two millimeters thick PVC-roofing membrane. The underlayer is made from wood panel glued spear. These panels are fixed with screws on the trapezoidal sheets and sealed from the outside with a PVC-roofing membrane.

Wood panel glued spear in combination with the roofing membrane define the architecture of the telescope housing.

Material: PVC
Roof area: 380 qm
Year: 2002