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Nice / France

Stade de Nice

Architectural approach

Beyond a purely aesthetic and functional approach and a concern for harmonious integration into the Éco-vallée, the architecture of Allianz Riviera, designed by Wilmotte & Associés, meets a third requirement: that of complying with the principles of sustainable development. As a positive energy building, the stadium bears the stamp of real ingenuity.

1st positive-energy stadium in the Euro 2016
Nice Eco Stadium, a subsidiary of Vinci Concessions, La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, SIEFF, and partner of the Town of Nice for the financing, construction and operation of Allianz Riviera, is bound by contract to EDF ENR for the design, installation and maintenance of a photovoltaic centre on the stadium's roof. 7,000 m² of solar panels manufactured in Europe and giving a very high yield contribute towards meeting the Town of Nice's "Plan Climat Energie". Allianz Riviera will participate to the tune of 1,500 MWh/year to achieve the original renewable goal of 25,110 MWh by 2020.

For the roof 1500 m² of an ESWA member’s mechanically fixed PVC foil + 7000 m² of PVC profiles were used for the fixing of the photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Year of construction: 2013
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