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Luxembourg / Luxembourg

European Investment Bank

Green Roof Solution

Project Description

The roof refurbishment of the European Investment Bank Buildings in Luxembourg was created and waterproofed using a Sika Sarnafil green roof system. This project was selected by The Professional Green Roof Association of Germany (FBB) as the “Green Roof of the Year 2005”. The FBB is a Trade Association for companies involved in the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs and facades on both new and existing buildings for their environmental improvement.

Project Requirements

The total roof area of this multifunctional building was 3500 m² and the owners and their architects wanted green roofs, which could become a valuable recreational space that was also both ecological and good looking. Additionally they wanted to reduce the 'heat island effect', by improving the microclimate around the building, plus to maximize the recreational roof area’s impact and airborne noise insulation from the offices below.

The result was 3 levels with different green roofs for the building:

– The upper level is an ‘intensive’ green roof, meaning it has spacious and deep planting areas for larger bushes and small trees, plus it includes, a fine croquet lawn, grass tennis courts, plus access driveways and parking areas. The planting is also illuminated for effect at night, and the lawn is decorated with huge Corten steel sculptures by the Hungarian artist Tamas Trombitas. The three ponds with fountains then make the whole landscape come to life.

– The central courtyard level is designed to provide the view from the office and meeting room windows that open towards it. This area is also an intensive green roof with substantial planting and grass lawns together with another two ponds with fountains.

– The lower level is a 'utility' type of intensive green roof, designed as a large plaza that is mainly hard landscaped with natural stone paving, which is also interspersed with deep planting areas. Underneath this green roof is the building’s cafeteria.

All of these green roofs needed to have a totally reliable waterproofing system that was extremely durable to provide a long service life and require as little maintenance as possible.

Facts and Solutions

Sheet waterproofing membranes, loose-laid, were selected for this project because of their proven durable performance in such demanding situations, together with the complete system solution, roof build-up and support provided by the membrane’s producer. These systems are suitable for new and refurbishment works, are root resistant, extremely durable and economic, providing long-term, lowest maintenance solutions, which are therefore more sustainable and also save the building owner’s money.

Project Participants

Owner: European Investment Bank
Architect: B. Centola and M. Pozzoli, Florence, Italy
Construction management: Atecta Engineer, Osnabrück
Contractor: Dachland GmbH, Mainz
Organization: Sika Deutschland GmbH

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