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Pnekerjoch / Ziller Valley, Austria

Capella Granata / Garnet chapel

Church design: Act of faith

In 2087 m sea level Capella Granata is perched north side high on a cliff above the Ziller Valley. The southern side of the chapel faces the artificial mountain lake, which in winter is used as water basin for articial snow. Thus, the small chapel with its red brown corten-clad façade contrasts strongly with the surrounding nature.

Founded on concrete base the chapel is constructed like garnets - with twelve dominating facets made from cross laminated timber plates. From the outside the façade is clad with small-scale corten-steel plates. They are based on a total of 2280 threaded rods, fixed in the bearing structure of the chapel. The façade alone weighs a total of 17t, another 4 tons are added by the supporting construction.

Capella Granata

Project type: Chapel in 2087 m sea level
Material: PIB
Roof area: 412 m²
Year: 2013
Builder: Christa's Skialm
Architecture: Arch. Mario Botta
Statics: merz kley partner ZT GmbH
Construction: Rieder GmbH & Co KG

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