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Tilburg Logistic Center

Project Description

In Tilburg, Netherlands, a new logistic center has been constructed, which, for the first time, has received the highest BREEAM valuation possible, “with excellence”.

A steel construction with highly insulating sandwich-elements groups a total of four halls with a surface of each 10.000 m². An administration building with office area is part of the hall complex.

In the direct neighborhood of the A 58 Breda/Eindhoven and located on the Wilhelmina channel which is joint with the overseas port of Rotterdam, the new constructed logistic center allows a rapid transit of goods by land and water.

In order to fulfill the high quality requirements of the BREEAM-assessments only selected construction products were used. They have the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and furthermore the building envelope received a highly efficient insulation system. The resultant additional load had to be calculated and respected according to static construction.

The roof and sealing sheeting here installed on trapezoidal steel is a manufactured single ply PVC membrane.

For the fully integrated system with PIR-heat insulation, vapor barrier and appropriate fasteners the internationally operating Dutch roofing company received the important FM-Approval and it has been registered in the RoofNav as system.

Tilburg Logistic Center, New Construction

Year of Construction: 2014
Roofing contractor: Roof-IT, Veghel
Material: PVC membrane
Surface m²: 4 x 10.000 m²

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