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Timmendorf / Germany

Teahouse Mikado on the Seabridge

Pagoda Roofs on the Baltic Sea beach

Smooth wave design of roofs

After long discussions within the Timmendorf municipality the new seabridge with its bridgehead was finally constructed in 2013. The bridgehead is formed by a platform sizing 36 times 16 meters. Planned by the architect Andreas Schuberth from Hamburg the Mikado Teahouse with its untypical character for the region was constructed at the end of the bridge, overlooking the Baltic Sea. Inspired by the sea, a metamorphosis of an Asian shape of roof was created, a “smooth wave design”.

This special roofing design was a challenge for the roofing contractor. Two pagoda roofs had to be designed – the upper roof covers the lower one and protects the ground floor. Furthermore the two roofs are being shaped completely without gutters. Therefore the roof covering plays a significant role. Not only has it to be seawater-proofed, but first it has to withstand the highest wind uplifts.

Proven material with self-adhesive layer

Due to the requirements of the architect a homogenous white roofing membrane had to be chosen. The membrane is equipped with a self-adhesive bottom layer which helped to install the membrane on the three-dimensional shaped underground. The roof covering had to be secured with field fasteners, because of its exposed location and the wind uplifts. The fasteners were installed according to a symmetrical architect’s plan and installed in a way that they fit harmoniously into the overall image of the building and are hardly visible.

Distinctive seabridge architecture

Without doubt the Teahouse at Timmendorf Beach with its characteristically curved roofs is a an architectural juwel, that changes its colours in the evening – in blue and any other light – thanks to integrated LEDs. You can enjoy your meal in the new restaurant “Wolkenlos”, which moved in, and its international cuisine.

Project Participants

Owner: Municipality Timmendorf
Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schuberth, Hamburg
Carpenter: Holzbau Hargus GmbH, Timmendorf
Roofing Contractor: E. Ammen GmbH, Ratekau
Material: EVAC, (Etylen-Vinylacetat-Terpolymer-Copolymer), 1.5 mm
Date of construction: 2013
Roof area m²: 525

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