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Kraków / Poland


Spectacular project, huge challenge and fruitful cooperation

Project Description

Kraków Arena designed by the architectural firm Perbo-Projekt is currently the biggest sports and entertainment venue in Poland which was opened in May 2014 in the Czyżyny district. This state-of-the-art, multipurpose facility meets all the most restrictive requirements and international standards concerning organizational and technical aspects. Therefore it can host mass sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, fairs and many more. It comes as no surprise that to build such a world class venue only top-notch systems and products had to be applied.


The construction of such a significant venue demanded onsite technical support on various levels – e.g. suitable systems selection and work quality control. In addition to this, most significantly, the building chemistry provider had to be well experienced and have a history of proven performance as the project requirements of the venue in Krakòw were very restrictive. The roof construction required the use of high quality membranes in order to provide a maximally tight roof insulation. Moreover the applied system that was mechanically fastened at height 28 m had to take into account difficult external conditions, such as strong wind uplift forces.

Facts and Solutions

During the whole project the ESWA member provided all necessary technical support – engineers from Roofing offered their on-site assistance as a reliable partner. Technologies were used to ensure a tight insulation for a roof of 13,000 m2. To fulfill all the requirements, including increased resistance to strong wind uplift forces, FPO/TPO membranes were used. They were fasted mechanically to the roof deck. A proven track record shows that even in difficult conditions FPO/TPO membranes will stand the test of time, ensuring safety and comfort to all spectators.

Project participants

Owner: Miasto Krakow
Investor: Miasto Krakow
Architects: Perbo-Projekt Krakow
Construction: Modern Construction Systems
General contractor: Mostostal Warszawa, Asseco Polska; Sub-contractors: roof - NTB Skawina

Parameters of the Venue's main hall:

Diameter: 146 – 166 m Surface: 61.434 m2
Height: 27 m
Sports arena's surface: 2390 m2
Seats for the audience in the main hall: from 11,554 up to about 18,000 depending on the event

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