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University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve

Campus Kleve / Germany

University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve

Founded in 2009 the bipolar university of Rhine-Waal with sites in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort is still comparatively young. However, to its 5000 students it is already offering attractive training possibilities with 28 courses of studies in an urban environment. At its main location Kleve and as “city within the city” in the harbour area a completely new campus has been created.

Where in former times ships and storage houses dominated the area, you will now find lecture halls and laboratories with active student life. On a surface with 48.000 m² in Kleve’s harbour 19 new buildings, a library, a language center, a student service center, lecture halls, a university restaurant and 12 buildings for institutes have been constructed and are available for the students.

A Europe-wide Procurement Procedure

The way to the new Campus of Rhine-Waal University was rather uncomplicated. After having received the confirmation for the site, the district of Kleve started a Europe-wide public procurement procedure within the following 10 months. The Land North-Rhine-Westphalia invested some 126 million EUR in the new Campus. And the City of Kleve made sure that everything was well prepared for the construction of the new buildings in the old harbour.

A City within the City

As the front sides of the new – mainly individual – buildings are headed to the Spoychannel as central water axis, the whole elongated Campus area opens like a small city as a permeable system allowing access to the environment. The old storage building of the harbour, the highest building of the campus and landmarked – now scientific library – symbolises the “town hall in the city”, the twisted lecture hall center in the East is a special place for communication and meetings in public.

Advantage of the Roofing Membrane

14.000 square meters of roof surface with a wide range of uses and stresses, and all in the name of sustainability. Due to the properties of the EPDM roofing membrane of the producer, member of the European Single Ply Waterproofing Association ESWA, the whole Campus could be sealed with one roofing membrane system. The material is root and rhizome resistant (FLL tested) and could therefore also be used for the green roof with gravel of the Campus restaurant and its roof terrace.

Project participants

Object: District of Kleve, North-Rhine-Westphalia
Architect: nps tchoban voss architekten, Hamburg; Hülsmann & Thieme Architekten, Kleve; Prof. Junker + Kollegen Landscape Architects
Material: EPDMs
Type of work: New Building
Date of construction: 2013
Surface: 14.500 m2

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University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve
University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve

University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve
University Rhein-Waal, Campus Kleve