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VOLKSWAGEN Production Plant in WrzeŚnia, Poland


VOLKSWAGEN Production Plant in WrzeŚnia, Poland

One of the biggest construction sites in Europe in 2015

Project Description

The new generation of VOLKSWAGEN crafter commercial vehicles will be manufactured in a new modern car factory in Września, Wielkopolska, Poland. The plant's production will launch in late 2016. The plant covers over 220 hectares, which constitutes an area of approximately 300 football fields. In this vast area numerous modern production facilities will emerge, including paint shop, body building hall, assembly room, finish hall, raw material supply and storage, and a multifunctional building, which will house a pilot prototypes hall, maintenance workshop, back-up facilities and office, administrative facilities, laboratories, factory medical clinic, quality assurance center, canteen and IT center. Additionally the VW plant will house finished product storage with vehicle loading space for road and rail transport as well as 1.5 km long railway siding connected with the national railway line. Arrangement of buildings was optimized with the production flows. The production capacity of the plant is 100,000 vehicles per year. After reaching full production capacity, the VW plant will be operated by approximately 3,000 people. The plant can make 20 vehicles per hour, which produces 450 cars per day.

Project Requirements

Roofing specialist supports the entire investment process

The investor requested comprehensive solutions with excellent durability at the best price, complying with both Polish and German technical requirements. Additionally, experience, reliability, research-confirmed durability of materials as well as comprehensive technical support were required from the building chemicals supplier. The ability to deliver a large order in a short time and to provide international guarantees was a crucial asset. The main challenges to be addressed to achieve the most economic, high quality results included the following: The effective supply process of roofing membranes for one of the biggest construction sites in Europe, technical support for five general contractors, and technical on-site training for about 200 roofing subcontractors to ensure qualified installation. The total size of the roofing project was 394,000 m², 330,000 m2 of which required roofing installation within four months. Another challenging aspect was a great number of details which made roof installation much more complex including: penetrations through the roof and penthouses on the roof, containing installations and technical equipment such as air handling units, transformer substations and switchgears.


The choice of the ESWA member company and the thermoplastic roofing membranes for the new Volkswagen facility in Września was made on the basis of:

  • References and good cooperation on previous projects
  • Durability of the roofing system confirmed by research
  • All required approvals and certificates for the Polish market
  • Full and comprehensive technical support of the investments.

A roof waterproofing membrane made of TPO/FPO was used on all roofing areas which consists of roof waterproofing membrane, loosely laid and mechanically fastened to the structural roof.

On the roofs of the new Volkswagen factory in Września, the following materials were applied:

  • 410,000 m2 of TPO/FPO roof waterproofing membrane
  • 390,000 m2 of vapor control layer
  • 7,200 pcs. of corner prefabricated shapes
  • 1,500 pcs. of skylights and smoke dampers
  • 42,000 meters fastening profile
  • 770,000 pcs. of fasteners
  • 4,300 kg of adhesive.

The FPO membrane installed in this project is a polyester reinforced, multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing sheet based on premium quality flexible polyolefins (FPO) containing ultraviolet light stabilizers, flame retardant and an inlay of non-woven glass. The membrane is the only on the market which has a double reinforcement: an inlay of non-woven glass for dimensional stability and a polyester reinforcement for high strength.

Project participants

Owner: Volkswagen
Investor: Volkswagen
Architect / Engineering Supervision / Construction Management: Marek Szczerbaluk, Assman Polska Grupa Projektowa, ICL - Ingenieur Consulting Langenhagen GmbH, Durr/ Atelier Architektury, PM Group
Main Contractors: Durr/Hochtief Polska, Strabag, MBN/Freytag , Rembor , Eiffage
Specialist Subcontractors:
Roofing: Pold Plast, Ekotechnika, Poburski Aster Garden
Roofing: Maciej Urbanek, Tomasz Zbyszewski, Maciej Borodzicz, Marek Filipczyk
Material: FPO (flexible polyolefins)
Date of construction: 2015
Surface: 394,000 m2

For more information:

VOLKSWAGEN Production Plant in WrzeŚnia, Poland
VOLKSWAGEN Production Plant in WrzeŚnia, Poland